Homestead Valley Sanitary District

2018 Capital Improvement Project Resident Notification Letter 

We are, at regular intervals, required to file our management plans with the authorities.
Here is our most recent, revised Sewer Service Mangement Plan: 2019 SSMP Report

The sewer lateral ordinance Archive/Reports/2014-08 Homestead Valley Lateral Ordinance.pdf

There will be a public hearing on June 23 for an increase in sewer rates.
The notice can be found here: Archive/Reports/HVSD Prop. 218 Rate Notice.pdf

PUBLIC RECORDS DISCLOSURE - Click here for information on Public Records under the Public Records Act, Government Code ยง 6250-6276

To request records covered under the Act, please either send your request by mail to:

Homestead Valley Sanitary District

PO BOX 149

Mill Valley, CA 94942

or by email to:

SAMPLE FOIA Request form under California Public Records Act:

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