Homestead Valley Sanitary District

We are, at regular intervals, required to file our management plans with the authorities.
Here is our most recent, revised Sewer Service Mangement Plan: 2014 SSMP Report

The sewer lateral ordinance Archive/Reports/2014-08 Homestead Valley Lateral Ordinance.pdf

There will be a public hearing on June 23 for an increase in sewer rates.
The notice can be found here: Archive/Reports/HVSD Prop. 218 Rate Notice.pdf

PUBLIC RECORDS DISCLOSURE - Click here for information on Public Records under the Public Records Act, Government Code ยง 6250-6276

To request records covered under the Act, please either send your request by mail to:

Homestead Valley Sanitary District

PO BOX 149

Mill Valley, CA 94942

or by email to:

SAMPLE FOIA Request form under California Public Records Act:

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