Homestead Valley Sanitary District

 District Manager:
 Bonner Beuhler:

Office: (415) 388-4796

Cell:     (415) 725-7852

 The board of Directors are:

Al Leibof Term expires: 2026President
Rick MontalvanTerm expires: 2024Secretary
Alan Saltzman Term expires: 2026
Alan Wuthnow Term expires: 2024
Joan Florsheim Term expires: 2024

The members of the board are all residents of Homestead Valley. Board members are elected to 4 year terms. A portion of the board stands for election every two years. Board members receive a stipend for attending meetings. The President and Secretary receive $175  and the other members receive $150 per meeting. (Effective April 1, 2021) The Board encourages members of the community and other interested parties to attend their meetings.

November 8, 2022 Election: Al Leibof and Alan Saltzman were appointed to the Board in lieu of election for new 4 year terms ending in 2026

HVSD Board of Directors Election History

Election News Release for Nov. 2020 election

Notice of Election from Marin County Election

District Election Flyer

Click here to view: Government Compensation in California: Homestead Valley Sanitary District

Compensation: Effective Oct. 1, 2021

General Manager: $15,417 per month

Vehicle Allowance: $465 per month

Board Member Compensation: 

President and Secretary: $175 per meeting

Other Directors: $150 per meeting

Per Board CompensationOrdinance 2020-01. Also,the District pays FICA but does not provide coverage under a district sponsored retirement plan or medical/dental insurance plan.

Government Compensation in California: Homestead Valley Sanitary District Board Directors Compensation

Click here for information on how to become a candidate for a position on the Homestead Valley Sanitary District

Board Member Ethics Training Certificates - AB 1234 are available for review by request. All members are current.

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