Homestead Valley Sanitary District

 District Manager:
 Bonner Beuhler:

Office: (415) 388-4796

Cell:     (415) 725-7852

 The board of Directors are:

Al Leibof Term expires: 2022President
Rick MontalvanTerm expires: 2024Secretary
Alan Saltzman Term expires: 2022
Alan Wuthnow Term expires: 2024
Joan Florsheim Term expires: 2024

The members of the board are all residents of Homestead Valley. Board members are elected to 4 year terms. A portion of the board stands for election every two years. Board members receive a stipend for attending meetings. The President and Secretary receive $175  and the other members receive $150 per meeting. (Effective April 1, 2021) The Board encourages members of the community and other interested parties to attend their meetings.

November 3, 2020 Election: Welcome to new board member Joan Florsheim and re-elected board members Rick Montalvan, Alan Wuthnow and Alan Saltzman

November 2020 Election News: 4 Seats Up for Election - Click below:

HVSD Board of Directors Election History

Election News Release for Nov. 2020 election

Notice of Election from Marin County Election

District Election Flyer

Click here to view: Government Compensation in California: Homestead Valley Sanitary District

Compensation: Effective Oct. 1, 2021

General Manager: $15,417 per month

Vehicle Allowance: $465 per month

Board Member Compensation: 

President and Secretary: $175 per meeting

Other Directors: $150 per meeting

Per Board CompensationOrdinance 2020-01. Also,the District pays FICA but does not provide coverage under a district sponsored retirement plan or medical/dental insurance plan.

Government Compensation in California: Homestead Valley Sanitary District Board Directors Compensation

Click here for information on how to become a candidate for a position on the Homestead Valley Sanitary District

Board Member Ethics Training Certificates - AB 1234 are available for review by request. All members are current.

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