Homestead Valley Sanitary District



Sewer Service Charges:  Rates approved May 25, 2021

FY 21/22 - $1,175 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)                                             

FY 22/23 - $1,275 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)                                                    FY 23/24 - $1,375 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)

 FY 24/25 - $1,475 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)                                                                       

This will generate about $1,295,000 annually from the new $1,175/EDU rate in the initial year of the increase. Approximately half of our sewer service charge goes to SASM to pay for treatment and collection services.

The district also receives about $235,000 annually in Non-Operating income, chiefly from property tax revenue. Please click below to see budget information. 

Historical Sewer Service Charge Rates:

FY 2005/06 $250/EDU, FY 2006/09 $350/EDU, FY 2009/10 $425/EDU,

FY 2010/11 $500/EDU, FY 2011/2014 $575/EDU , FY 2015/16 $775, FY 2016/17 $875,  FY 2017-2021 $975                 

Rate Ordinance                                                 


Fiscal Year: 20/21

Fiscal Year: 19/20

Fiscal Year: 18/19

Fiscal Year: 17/18

Fiscal Year: 16/17

Fiscal Years: 13/14, 14/15 and 15/16

Fiscal Year: 12/13

Financial Reserve Policy (Target Reserves)


FY 19/20 - Current Audit

FY 18/19 

FY 17/18 

FY 16/17

FY 15/16 

FY 14/15

FY 13/14

FY 12/13

FY 11/12

Click here to view: Government Compensation in California (Public Pay Website): Homestead Valley Sanitary District


General Manager: $11,175 per month

Board Member Compensation: 

President and Secretary: $175 per meeting

Other Directors: $150 per meeting

The District pays FICA but does not provide coverage under a district sponsored retirement plan or medical/dental insurance plan.


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