Homestead Valley Sanitary District



Sewer Service Charges:  FY 15/16 - $775 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)                                                        FY 16/17 - $875 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)                                                        FY 17/18 - $975 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)

This currently generates about $1,080,000 annually.

The district also receives about $235,000 annually in Non-Operating income, chiefly from property tax revenue. Please click below to see budget information. 

Historical Sewer Service Charge Rates:

FY 2005/06 $250/EDU, FY 2006/09 $350/EDU, FY 2009/10 $425/EDU,

FY 2010/11 $500/EDU, FY 2011/2014 $575/EDU                     

Rate Ordinance                                                 


Fiscal Year: 20/21

Fiscal Year: 19/20

Fiscal Year: 18/19

Fiscal Year: 17/18

Fiscal Year: 16/17

Fiscal Years: 13/14, 14/15 and 15/16

Fiscal Year: 12/13

Financial Reserve Policy (Target Reserves)


FY 18/19 - Current Audit

FY 17/18 

FY 16/17

FY 15/16 

FY 14/15

FY 13/14

FY 12/13

FY 11/12

Click here to view: Government Compensation in California (Public Pay Website): Homestead Valley Sanitary District


General Manager: $11,175 per month

Board Member Compensation: 

President and Secretary: $125 per meeting

Other Directors: $100 per meeting

The District pays FICA but does not provide coverage under a district sponsored retirement plan or medical/dental insurance plan.


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